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I am the Mum of two little loves. Before my kids, I was addicted to everything fashion related but because of pregnancy followed by breastfeeding I had to stop wearing what I wanted. Then came baby-wearing and by this point I'd had enough, ! I just wanted to wear what I wanted whilst also making sure that my gorgeous baby was warm, comfy and cosy. 

But I struggled ! I spent many winter's days trying to find a way to keep my baby warm whilst baby-wearing and the options available to me just did not allow me to be able to wear whichever coat I desired. This is when the SnuGgle blanket was born ! I created a soft, comfortable, stylish, pratical and specially adapted blankets for baby-wearing. 

Maximum comfort for baby

Maximum comfort for my children is my priority. Baby-wearing is known for all its great advantages on babies developments during their first years of life. Whether or not you use a sling or pre-formed baby-carrier. The SnuGgle blanket allows you to choose whatever babywearing style you like whilst keeping baby warm and comfortable and allowing you to remain true to your style !

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