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Can the fleece insert be removed ?

- Yes , the fleece insert is detachable and can be removed if desired, thanks to the four buttons that can be found on the inside of the blanket.

How can I order the white fleece hood ?

- The hood comes with the fleece insert, which comes included with every SnuGgle blanket (jersey and knitted).

How can I order a customized blanket ?

- All the SnuGgle blankets can be customized. You add "customization" to your basket (you can find this in the "boutique" section of our website). Once you've added customization to your basket, you can write a few lines to let us know how you would like your blanket to be customized.

If you have a specific idea in mind and you can't spot it on our website or our Instagram page, don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll do our best to make it possible !

How can the size of the SnuGgle blanket be changed ?

- The SnuGgle blanket can be made smaller if desired, thanks to the button system that can be found on the back of the blanket.

- If you wish to make your blanket larger you can add an extension band onto the back of the blanket thanks to the zip.

How is the raincover attached ?

- The raincover is attached easily thanks to the poppers that are on the sides of the blanket.

How does the delivery to relay points work ?

- The selection of relay points is done automatically. This means that the system chooses the relay point that is the closest to the given address. You will receive an email with all the delivery information when your blanket package has been sent.

Where are SnuGgle blankets made ?

- I am very proud that all of the SnuGgle blankets aree made locally in France in Marseille, by women entrepreneurs of all ages and social backgrounds.

Can SnuGgle blankets be used during the summer months ?

- YES ! SnuGgle blankets are very handy for the summer months. The fleece lining is detachable and can be removed if desired. The simple SnuGgle blanket is the perfect companion for the long summer evenings spent outside with your baby in the baby-carrier. Read more about how to use your SnuGgle blanket during the summer in this article on the blog !

Don't hesitate to get in touch with your questions, I'd be delighted to discuss more with you ! By mail to : or by private message on instagram / facebook.

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