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Have a wonderful summer with your SnuGgle blanket

I've often been asked : How can I use the SnuGgle blanket during the summer ?

The answer :

The SnuGgle blanket can be used all year round and it is very practical, especially for the baby-wearing parent that often spends most of their time running around after their kids on holiday :)

The SnuGgle blanket has been specially designed in order to adapt to your specific needs and the temperatures outside.

On the inside of the SnuGgle blanket there is a white fleece insert (with a hood) that is detachable. You can attach or detach this fleece insert depending on the temperature outside, wind... etc

It's often true that during summer we often spend long evenings outside, maybe near the beach, where it is often windy. In this particular case, the SnuGgle blanket with the fleece insert detached would be perfect at protecting baby from the windy and cooler temperatures, giving you peace of mind to enjoy your evening hands-free knowing that your baby is warm, cosy and comfortable.

The benefits ?

- With the SnuGgle blanket you do not need to wear a coat/jacket yourself in order for your baby to be protected from the cooler temperatures. You also don't have to add any extra layers of clothing to your baby if you were to take off your coat. This is very handy, as the baby-wearing parent is often warmer than their baby.

- You don't have much space in your suitcase ?

Exactly one more reason to take the SnuGgle blanket, because it can be folded very easily and it does not take up a lot of space, unlike thick baby clothes that have to be changed often and which make many daily tasks complex (changing your baby etc. ..). All you have to do is pack your SnuGgle and light clothing and you're all set!

The SnuGgle blanket is the handy accessory you need :)

Have a great summer! & don't forget to tag us in your photos with your SnuGgle covers 📷 @snuggle_fr

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