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SnuGgle interview #1 : Conversation with Aurélia

A wonderful chat with Aurélia @a.porter_lumane_5 ! She is the inspiring mum of 3 (she had her eldest when she was 24 years old), she's a nanny and a baby-wearing consultant. She is passionate about childcare and parenting. She shares her journey with us in this interview.

1) Tell us a bit about yourself :)

🐨 I have many different roles 🤪 Woman, Mum, nanny ,baby-wearing consultant, and a DIY enthusiast. I became a Mum for the first time at 24 years old and since then I've gone on to form our tribe of 3 children.

2) Describe in 1 line how you've found your maternity journey up until now ?

🐨 a tsunami of emotions ️❤️

3) What have you found the most difficult with your role as a Mother ?

🐨 The hardest thing is seeing your child in pain (physical or psychological) and not being able to help them immediately.

4) Has baby-wearing helped you as a Mum ?

🐨 More than one time yes.

5) What's your philosophy for educating your children ?

🐨 It's by making errors that we learn, try always to do your best, and respect for each other.

7) Did you breastfeed or bottle feed your children ?

🐨 3 breastfeeding journeys: 13 months , 18 months and one journey still ongoing for my youngest child.

I've had 3 great breastfeeding experiences even if it hasn't alwyas been very easy. But there's definitely more positive than negative in my breastfeeding journey.

What I would have liked to have known : that even when theres low lactation there's always a solutuion and you shouldn't hesistate to seek help from a breastfeeding expert (this would have helped me breastfeed my second child for longer).

Tips for future parents : listen to and believe in yourself.

8) Your first baby-wearing memory ?

🐨 The sensation when, your baby that's only a few days old, falls asleep peacefully in the little cocoon that you've prepared for them near your heart.

9) Your favourite type of baby-wearing ?

All of them ! It's impossible to choose, I use them all for different reasons and they're all complementary to each other. ️❤️

10) According to you, what's 3 things that a Mum should pack in her hospital bag ?

🐨 A little bottle of water (useful also if there's been stitches 😂 ) a camera (for the memories ) and something to make you happy in case you feel a bit down.

11) "Without baby-wearing I wouldn't have been able to ...

🐨... go to all those places inaccessible by pram.

12) Your favourite holiday with your children ? Traveling tips for other families that want to travel 'easily' with children ?

🐨 Ardèche, Ardèche, Ardèche ️❤️ We absolutely love the Ardèche region and we can't wait to return this summer.

13) Do you have a SnuGgle blanket ? Do you like it ?

🐨 Yes, I have two, one knitted one and one in jersey. They complement each other and I use each one differently. I love them both.

14) Tips for future parents that want to babywear ?

🐨 I'd suggest doing a workshop with a baby-wearing consultant in order to be able to really test each different baby-wearing method and find out which method you prefer before making the investment in buying something straight away, because each one can be so different and they're not all adapted to everyone's specific needs.

15) Are there some things that you would have liked to have known before becoming a Mum for the first time ?

🐨 No ! Because I've liked growing and learning at the same time as my children ! And I keep learning more each day !

16) "Being a Mother means to me,

🐨 That one day I'll be a Grandma ? 😱🤪

More seriously it's knowing the unconditional love. The love that allows us to achieve the impossible and for me personally it is the most beautiful journey of my life.

Thank you Aurélia, it's been a pleasure getting to know you better !

Check out her activities as a Mum of 3, Nanny, and Baby-wearing consultant on her instagram account @a.porter_lumane_5 ! :)

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