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The reasons why SnuGgle will change your life as a baby-wearing parent :

1. When it's cold outside and you don't want to put on a big, heavy (& sometimes ugly!) coat. With SnuGgle you can wear whichever coat you like.


SnuGgle gives you the freedom to be able to change your coat to match your outfit, depending on the temperature, or for a specific event.

You'll no longer struggle between trying to be practical and keep your baby warm whilst baby-wearing.

2. More comfort for your baby with the SnuGgle blanket.

When baby-wearing it's better to not put your baby in thick layers of clothing / in a heavy coat / or an all in one.

These sorts of clothing stop your baby from moving freely and comfortably in the babycarrier. They can also stop baby from being able to sit correctly in the babycarrier, sometimes changing their leg position which can make the babywearing less physiological.

It's also important for baby to receive Mum's heat, which is impossible if baby is wearing an oppressing heavy coat / all in one.

With the SnuGgle blanket we keep baby warm by coviering on top of the babycarrier with the blanket , in order to make sure that baby is warm and comfortable away from the wind and cold.

3. One question I'm frequently asked is : "but how does this work if I babywear on my back ?"

We can use the SnuGgle blanket even when babywearing on our backs. Baby-wearing and keeping baby warm on our backs is often quite complicated.

But with the SnuGgle it couldn't be easier :)

We put dress baby without adding a coat/ all in one, and then we put the SnuGgle blankets on the babycarrier but this time the zip stays in front of us.


With the babycarrier blanket it is easier to manage your babies temperature when baby-wearing.

You don't have to take baby out of the carrier and start removing layers of clothing. You can simply remove the SnuGgle blanket if you think your baby is too warm.

Sometimes when baby-wearing we are often nervous about baby getting cold, but as we are walking and carrying baby at the same time, we tend to be rather warm, so with the SnuGgle blanket you don't need to wear a coat yourself but baby will still be warm under their blanket.

Baby-wearing with a SnuGgle blanket could not be more simple !

Enjoy baby-wearing when its cold outside !

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